documnets Choosing dowry rugs and bridal rugs

Choosing dowry rugs and bridal rugs

Choosing dowry rugs and bridal rugs

Dowry carpet From the moment we opened our eyes, we were in our father's house with all the furniture and everything was ready for our life, and the family provided us with the conditions of comfort and progress as much as possible. But with all this, having the responsibility of having an independent home is a big challenge in the minds of all human beings who want to try it with all the difficulties. Everyone, in turn, wishes to one day have a home of their own in which they can live freely. Rest, eat, have fun, make decisions and live according to your personal taste. Now consider two new people from two different or sometimes similar families with different life stories who come together to form a life together and live in their own independent home. Fingerprints of no two human beings are alike, and we conclude that no two human beings lived the same, did not all think alike, and experienced different ups and downs that, if you follow their words, you will find much in common. In the new life between two people, the focus of many people is on all the common elements between men and women, but sometimes it is these differences that will be a strong point for the beginning and stability of life. Dowry carpet model Carpet decoration also includes all these psychological aspects because the carpet decoration of any home includes all the things that a person is in contact with all day and affects a person's life. Imagine a person who loves black in every sense of the word and avoids warm colors. Now, if an environment full of happy and warm colors is designed for his living space, that person not only can not rest in that environment, but also always feels the lack of black color and does not have peace of mind and can not concentrate or work and even daily tasks. And in the term the quality of life of that person goes down. So the first and most important point for carpet decoration and choosing decorative elements is to consider the spirits of family members, and the second issue is the amount of money you have considered for this issue. It is true that you can have a simple and beautiful decoration at the lowest cost, but your cost will help you choose more durable elements. To buy dowry items for carpets or change the decoration of carpets, you should consider the two main members, which are furniture and carpets, which are necessary in all homes to feel calm and comfortable. Furniture because it costs more, it is better to be your first priority and then look for a carpet to complement your home furniture. In fact, you should get the more expensive item first because it is difficult to change and may cost twice as much and the carpet is cheaper than the furniture. Choose your furniture in such a way that you can easily combine other elements with it and its complementary colors are available for carpets and curtains, and if you choose a specific color for your furniture, be sure to do the necessary research. Do this before you buy and keep the samples in mind. It is better not to use very bright and very warm colors alone. For example, the use of all-yellow sofas both confuses the environment and calls into question the beauty of the carpet and other elements and makes it difficult to choose. To solve this problem, you can choose the furniture from two or three colors with different patterns, all of which They are within your choice and the responsibility for the choice and its consequences lies with you personally. Choosing a bride dowry rug The choice of carpet in the first stage should be according to the furniture of the space and have the same color combination in the complementary spectra. For example, when we use red and cream furniture, if the predominant color of the furniture is red, we can choose a cream carpet with color lines. Has the spectrum of red and we do not need to use the exact same color. In addition to color, the type of carpet should be legible with the style of furniture and carpet decoration. This means that if you choose steel and satin furniture, having a minimal and monochrome carpet does not help to add glory to your home, so you can choose a carpet with original designs and make the space look classic. Or if you choose furniture that is completely comfortable, large and wide, having a carpet with many and glorious designs may reduce the intimacy and comfort of your space. The last step is to pay attention to the thickness and durability of the carpet, because at the beginning of life, by getting used to your home decoration, you may not be able to change it for a long time, so you should be sure of its durability and ease of washing. Be able to provide better and more reliable material. What you need to keep in mind is to stop paying too much attention to other people's homes and repeating them in your own home. Each house has a different layout, area, and principles, and other home furnishings or tastes may not work anywhere. Author: Yasman Tahmasebi

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