documnets Features of embossed floral rugs

Features of embossed floral rugs

Features of embossed floral rugs

Today, we are witnessing increasing progress in the carpet weaving industry. Making changes and transformations in the texture of machine-made carpets has been able to launch beautiful carpets in the market and has been especially welcomed by the public. Embossed flower rugs are the result of these changes. In this article, we want to acquaint you with the features of embossed carpets so that you can be smarter in your purchase, because this beautiful carpet is suitable for certain places, which will double the beauty of the space, but if embossed machine-made carpets To be chosen for an inappropriate place, it also makes the space look beautiful. In the following, you will get acquainted with the production stages, features and benefits, and the price and method of buying embossed machine-made carpet.
Method of production of embossed flower carpets
Embossed flower carpets after production by weaving machines are similar to ordinary carpets with the same sleep, but due to the presence of two types of sleeping yarn in the carpet weave, which are acrylic and high-block, in the stage of sizing and polishing the carpet under heat and temperature They place the parts or flowers woven with highball yarn under heat and heat and the other parts of the machine carpet woven with acrylic fibers remain fixed and are as follows. The surface of the carpet becomes protruding. Most embossed flower carpets are 1000 combs and 1200 combs because the high density is very suitable for the production of this type of machine rug and its production dimensions start from the carpet to the standard carpets of 6 meters, 9 and 12 meters.
Features of embossed floral rugs
According to the production method and the type of special fibers that are used in the texture of this product, it also has unique features that will be mentioned below. Embossed flower carpets are very durable due to the use of acrylic fibers. Its high resistance to environmental factors such as light and direct heat and erosive factors such as dust has increased the life of the carpet. Acrylic fibers become very thin and durable under heat set operation, which makes it very suitable for production by new and advanced weaving machines. The thinness of acrylic fibers of heatset and highblock in embossed carpets and the high number of combs and its density increase the elegance and beauty of embossed carpets. Heat-resistant acrylic fibers and weak heat-resistant high-fiber fibers cause heat to see the post and heights on the surface of the carpet, which makes it look more beautiful and attractive. Heat-set acrylic fibers are lint-free and anti-allergic, which is why sales of acrylic carpets have increased greatly. The strength of these fibers is very high and has a very low moisture absorption.
Application of embossed floral rugs
Embossed flower carpets, as the newest and best machine-made carpets that have undergone changes and become prominent, have a special beauty that is very suitable for luxurious and special places such as reception carpets and dowry carpets. Due to the low sleep and high elegance of the embossed flower carpet, its use is recommended for low-traffic areas that have less footwork and less pollution. The beauty of this model of embossed carpets is such that it attracts the viewer at first sight. The very short sleep of the carpet makes it have a special charm and elegance.
The price of embossed flower rugs
Prominent machine-made carpets due to the use of two special types of fibers in it and the large number of knots in one square meter of width and length or the same shoulder, density, elegance and high beauty and the protrusions on the surface of the carpet compared to carpets Ordinary also has a higher price. Recently, embossed flower carpets have had high sales, which has increased the production process in carpet weaving factories. For this reason, manufacturers are trying to reduce the price of embossed carpets by providing services such as direct sales of embossed carpets and online sales of embossed carpets. You can buy carpets directly from Iran Carpet Store online by purchasing carpets without intermediaries, so that the purchased product will be sent to you for free and directly from the factory door, and you can buy cheap carpets. The ten-year warranty and insurance policy will be delivered to the customer along with the goods to guarantee the authenticity and health of the embossed flower carpet.

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